Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Learning Something Every Day

Photo: Internet

  • Nothing makes us want to live more than the feeling that we have something important to do. Nothing makes life seem as worthless as the feeling that we do not. ... We need the sense of a coherent story to our lives, a significant connection between its major episodes, and the reasonable hope that it will have a satisfactory conclusion. (Daniel Taylor, The Healing Power of Stories, p. 58)

Yesterday I discovered that there's a personal profile area associated with my public photo gallery on AOL. The only way to learn how some things work seems to be clicking on all of the buttons on the screen. I filled in the different sections of the profile and posted it. Long ago I decided that I wasn't going to be "profile phobic." So far, the willingness to post some personal information hasn't come back to bite me. I remain hopeful that this will continue.

I also discovered that I could post a link to the public photo album to an AOL blog in a couple of minutes. I tested to see if it worked. I haven't decided how I might use this feature yet.

I spent quite a bit of time working on my "signature block" yesterday. The signature block is a boilerplate closing that I can include in my Email messages. I realized I could use this to share HotLinks to my website and the various blogs I created. If you get an Email from me and want to visit one of the places where I am posting you can click on the entry at the end of the Email to go there.

This morning I was able to upload the photo with this blog entry without using the Picasa software. Sometimes I can post the photos from the message editor and sometimes I can't.

Mr. Dickie

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