Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Photo: Mr. Dickie (Bleeding Heart in our backyard, Spring 2009)

... what I go through in life is not as important as how I interpret the experience. (Courage to Change, 16 April)

Changing diets for a healthier lifestyle means a commitment to discovering new ways of eating and cooking. (Susan Smith Jones, Choose to Live Each Day, Day 113)

Sometimes we deeply love people we need to separate from unless their behavior changes. (Melody Beattie, The New Codependency, p. 36)
  • Yesterday Melva traveled from her hometown, Volcan, to Panama (city). It's a very long bus ride. This begins the last phase of her visit to Panama. In the evening I was able to use the phone card without any trouble. We talked for about a half hour.
  • During the day yesterday I trimmed and mowed the yard. The iris plants are in bloom now. There must be at least a half dozen different varieties in the backyard. When the sun came out I took some photographs.
  • Yesterday I worked again on my "clutter issues." I'd call this phase, the "out of sight, out of mind" phase. I moved boxes of genealogy source documents from the basement and shed to the attic. In the process I selected two boxes to set aside for review at a later time. The project was physically demanding and I was glad when it was done. Because I didn't take time to review the contents of each box I was able to successfully complete the task.
Mr. Dickie

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