Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is That All He Did?

When the beauty of a person's character is impressed upon us, it leaves an image which in turn reflects through our own actions. So look for beauty of character in those around you. (Twenty-Four Hours A Day, 11 March)


This morning, rather than posting to blogs, I went outside to bag up yard debris that I wanted to put out for pick-up on Friday. I didn't get around to preparing this posting until almost 8:00 p.m.

Today I attended the twice-monthly meeting of the computer club. One of the members gave a very nice talk about how to use the program called, Macrium Reflect. This program is used to make an "image backup" of a computer hard drive. The speaker backs up his computer to his external hard drive. He prepared thirty-three slides for his talk. The Senior Center lets the club use the new projector at our meetings.

After the club meeting I stopped at two of the big-box hardware stores in Bowie to shop for items on a list. I had to go to two places because Home Depot doesn't stock birdseed or suet anymore. I did manage to find four of the five things on my list. At Home Depot I bought Milorganite fertilizer for the lawn and three pairs of leather gloves. We both wish I'd done some prior planning about those gloves. It wasn't much fun doing the yard clean up when our fingers kept coming out of the old gloves that should have been discarded last fall.

Mr. Dickie
18/Mar/2010 19:50

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