Monday, November 23, 2009


I will not be frightened of growing older, for I intend to do so with the pride and integrity developed with age and experience. (Sefra Kobrin Pitzele, One More Day, 1 November)

Thought is the glorification of truth; therefore, bad thoughts are those which have not been thought through to the end. (Anonymous in A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy, 5 November)


I found the website of Vernon Buerg. He was one of the first programmers to offer "shareware." He wrote the very nice DOS program, LIST, that I used for many years. I think the is a Windows version of the program. I'll have to spend more time looking at the website.

I also found a program that can be used to catalog computer files. I intend to go back to that website to learn more about it.

Mr. Dickie

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