Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Facebook Fun

Photo: Mr. Dickie (San Blas Mola - Panama)

Often we are ungrateful to our fellow-men. Few of us have not at some time owed a great deal to some fellow-man. Few of us at the moment, believed we could ever forget; but few of us in the end satisfy the debt of gratitude we owe. It often happens that a friend, a teacher, a doctor, a surgeon does something for us which it is impossible to repay; but the tradegy is that we often do not even try to repay it. (William Barclay, The Gospel of Luke (DSB), p. 218)


Yesterday I enjoyed making Facebook friends with the wife of boyhood friend, Gail. Melva and I also had a first Facebook instant message chat with Melva's niece, Cecilia, in Panama.

Today I'm going to continue my CongerWeek postings. I have two more items to post.

Mr. Dickie

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