Thursday, November 12, 2009

File Recovery

What is over is over and cannot be replayed except in our minds. (Food For Thought, 30 October)

Either you will learn to take your thoughts captive or the deceiver will take you captive with your thoughts. (Kay Arthur, Search My Heart, O God, 6 November)


While reviewing some of the files I have saved on Zip disks I found a program I bought years ago. I never have understood how we can tell whether a Windows program can run as a "standalone program." The purpose of the program is to convert files from one file format to another. On the same Zip disk I discovered a folder with genealogy text files I created with the word processor, AmiPro. I did a test to see if I can convert the files to plain "text" files. I was so surprised when it worked. I believe there are many files in that folder I don't have available anywhere else. Once converted I can share them on my Google blogs.

Mr. Dickie

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