Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take a Good, Hard Look

Photo: Mr. Dickie (Airborne - "Stand in the door!" At a park near Con Agra, Omaha, NE)

Take a good , hard look at your life and take responsibility for everything. Seek truth and justice in your daily life. Don't let pride stand in the way of understanding and peaceful living. Allow others their truth even if it differs from yours.

Know that you are solely responsible for your actions and for your inner peace. Be grateful for this and all blessings. Remember that free will is the blessing that allows you to experience life in order to learn the lessons that lead to wisdom. It is often more difficult to be grateful for the uncomfortable lessons; they also allow you to grow when you take responsibility for your part. Look for the lesson in any challenge and the challenge dissipates. If you allow it, everything that happens to you is designed to teach holiness and bring you closer to God.

Affirmation: I am true to myself and grateful for all my life's lessons and oneness with God.(Susan Smith Jones, Choose to Live Each Day Fully, day 63)

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