Friday, February 27, 2009

Live This Day Fully

I plan to live this day fully, so I avoid letting my thoughts and memories take me back to living in the past. I have come through events and circumstances a stronger and wiser person, and I can be free of feelings of regret or resentment about mistakes or mishaps that I have experienced.
(Colleen Zuck, et al., Daily Word for Healing, p. 51)

  • Yesterday afternoon I went to the Bowie Seniors Center. The purpose of the visit was to use one of the two computers they installed for public access to the Internet. This was my first time to use either of these computers. I took along some blank CDs and my thumb drives. I backed up some photographs to a couple of the CDs. I'm not used to using their version of Windows so the whole process was a learning experience. I also got on AOL to check Email. I looked at Facebook and my Google blogs. What a difference it makes when you have high speed access to the Internet. You must sign up to use these computers. Each session is limited to 30 minutes. The other computer was also in use. Noone came by to sign up. Both of us stayed signed on for more than an hour. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted. I was satisfied with how it worked out. I learned how these computers worked and came away with two CDs of backup.
  • The classmate group on Facebook still is having trouble getting our Facebook friends into the group. We are trying to understand why it takes folks so long to join the group after an invitation has been sent. For the last week there have been two or three people Nancy has been waiting to join each day.

Mr. Dickie

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