Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Principles always have natural consequences attached to them. There are positive consequences when we live in harmony with the principles. There are negative consequences when we ignore them. But because these principles apply to everyone, whether or not they are aware, this limitation is universal. And the more we know of correct principles, the greater is our personal freedom to act wisely. (Stephen R. Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, p. 123)
  • This morning there was an artcile in The Washington Post Business Section about the bankruptcy filing of Ritz Camera (the largest U.S. photography retailer) this past weekend. This store started in Atlantic City ninety-one years ago and is still held by the family. The headquarters is located in Beltsville, MD a few miles from our house. I have been in the headquarters store a few times in recent months. There are 800 stores in 40 states, 51 in the Washington, DC area. There are 6,424 employees. They are going to try to stay in business. After reading the article I have my doubts.
  • This morning I realized that I should send a "suggest" a friend message to one of my new Facebook friends. That's a neat part of the Facebook experience. Yesterday several folks joined the "Class of '57" group. Next thing is to encourage them to post to "The Wall" and to the Discussion Board.
  • Last night I brought up a stack of books from the basement and posted them to my weRead(IRead) account. My goal is to post 100 books. I won't have any trouble reaching that number. I've posted 79 so far. I tried to post all of the seven Harry Potter books. I don't own those so I have to do a little research to determine which ones I missed.
  • I'm trying to understand how my Google Henthorn group works. There are certain aspects of it that I don't like. It seems difficult to let the visitors know what's in each of the files that are uploaded to the Files area. Perhaps I need to write a "Page" with file descriptions. Because I haven't made a lot of use of the group I seem to have forgotten what little I knew about it.
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