Saturday, February 21, 2009


...When did you stop being enchanted with stories? Stories are the greatest healing and teaching art that we have. Through stories, we transmit values, ethics, traditions, memories, and identity. One way to retrieve our souls is to ask ourselves what our favorite stories are, to repeat the ones that we find most healing and comforting, and to remember which ones we especially want to pass on to others.(Angeles Arrien in Nourishing the Soul, p. 106)

  • This morning there was a piece in the paper announcing the death of Socks, the black and white cat of the Clinton family while they were in the White House. The cat lived to be nineteen years old. When my friend, Jim, and I visited the White House we were waiting near the east gate for my neighbor, Fred who worked at the White House, to come out to get us. I remember being so surprised when he came to the gate carrying Socks in his arms. Everyone got so excited when they saw the cat. Soon camera shutters were clicking.

Mr. Dickie

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