Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Computer Issues

You can't blame everything on your parents. No matter how bad your childhood was, sooner or later you have to take responsibility for yourself. Some of the boneheaded things you do "are" your fault. (Andrew Frothingham and Tripp Evans, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, 5 February)

Life delivers us "chance cards," events and experiences we don't count on... (The Upper Room Disciplines - 2006, 4 February)

  • My anxiety level is up this morning. I had trouble getting the laptop computer to boot up. This is the machine I use to get on the Internet. I've had this problem before. It seems to have something to do with having a charge built up on the battery. I try to run off the wall power most of the time. I hope I don't lose my link to the Internet. I'm having too much fun right now.
  • I belong to two groups on Facebook. One is for folks with the surname "Henthorn" and the other is for classmates of the Bellevue, Nebraska Class of '57. I'm having fun posting to both groups. I was the first to try posting to some of the available sections. When I know how to do something I like to use the facility in hope that it will help others to get started.

Mr. Dickie

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