Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Shift in Thinking

You can ... use the favorite standby of many people in discovering their feelings; writing or journaling. You can keep a diary, write letters you don't intend to send, or just scribble thoughts onto a note pad. (Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go, 24 February)

One of the toughest realities in life is not knowing what to expect. (Alexandra Stoddard, The Art of the Possible, p. 114)

...eating is not a permanent solution to boredom. (Food For Thought, 5 February)

Change requires a shift in your thinking. You can't keep doing things the same old way and expect that life is going to be any different. (Suzanne Somers, 365 Ways to Change Your Life, Day 73)

Daily reading of ... [positive, uplifting] books and pamphlets opens our minds to the certainty of a better, more rewarding way of life. (This is Al-Anon in Courage to Change, 2 March)

  • How interesting that our politicians still don't get it. Even the new president has gone back on his word "about earmarks." The pork barrel projects continue to show up in the bills they are passing. When questioned about this practice they try to justify their actions by saving that it's only two-percent of the total package. By the way, two-percent of trillions is billions. Go figure!
  • Yesterday they reported that an elected official in Florida got confused during debate on a beastiality bill. She had trouble with the term "animal husbandry." She wanted to know if the bill authorized marrying animals. And you thought our state and federal government wasn't in good hands.
Mr. Dickie

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