Friday, March 6, 2009

Old Tapes

In the recesses of our minds, each of us has old tapes stored away which tend to be played over and over again. These tapes may have been recorded so long ago that they have little if anything to do with our present situation.

The tapes which are recordings of positive thoughts and experiences can be helpful when replayed. Unfortunately, we each possess many tapes which are negative and self-destructive. They include resentments, fears, and hates. When one of these negative tapes begins to play, we may find ourselves ... [engaging in some self-destructive compulsive behavior].
(Food For Thought, 5 March)

  • Yesterday afternoon I attended a very good meeting of the Computer Club at the Bowie Senior Center. There was a large crowd. Two of the members gave a demonstration of the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) using the SKYPE program. Program chairman, Dan Lee, has been using the SKYPE program to talk with and see his relatives in China. Eric gave members a preview of the replacement website for the club. Norman talked about some of the freeware programs that have many of the same capabilities as the commercial programs.
  • Before I left for the meeting I discovered that the Pittsburg State University (my alma mater in Kansas) has a presence on Facebook. I clicked the button to become "a fan" whatever that means. I also discovered several other pages with the school logo. I didn't have time to look at those.
  • I noticed that a couple of people found my genealogy "news" blog and enrolled as "followers." I'm not certain yet what this means. I do appreciate their interest.
  • Melva moved to her sister's house to spend the night yesterday. The first few days of her visit are going to be very busy. She needs to spend time with her ill sister, take care of some personal business, and do a test to confirm that she can use the ATMs. Going on vacation for an extended period in another country isn't all "vacation."
Mr. Dickie

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