Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who Needs It?

The Quakers say, "of your unspoken words, you are the master; of your spoken words, the servant; of your written words, the slave." (Warren W. Wiersbe, Chapter-By-Chapter Bible Commentary, p. 103)


I'm working on a project to convert a GEDCOM file of a Mozena genealogy to format suitable for loading into the RootsMagic genealogy program. It's a time consuming process. This time I used the GEDWRAP program first to see if it will work to eliminate the word wrap problem. It worked after a fashion. I'm still not convinced that this is the answer. Basically trying to convert PAF 2.31 files for use with RootsMagic version three isn't much fun.

A friend of ours came by late yesterday afternoon to pick up things Melva and I gathered to donate to them to sell at the flea markets. We are grateful that they were willing to help us eliminate more clutter.

Mr. Dickie
20/Apr/2010 8:03

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