Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If we eradicated ourselves with the lethal means at our disposal, we wouldn't be the first species to disappear. But wouldn't it be a shame? We humans have the capacity for transcendence as well as destruction. Surely we're adaptable enough to guide our own development away from our current preoccupation with deadly toys. (The Promise of a New Day, 21 March)

[Comment: This is an interesting observation in light of the fact that currently there is a two-day conference on nuclear disarmament going on in Washington, DC. When some terrorist nut gets his hands on one of the thousands of weapons now in existence and makes use of it, the world will finally have a wake-up call. Mr. Dickie]


One of the few, rather expensive programs, I purchased is, askSam - The Information Manager for Windows. I'll admit I never made as much use of the program as I should have. Apparently I never installed the program on the desktop computer I'm using now. I mostly used the program on one of my laptop computers. At some point I copied the program and all of the files onto a Zip disc. I can't remember whether I checked to see if the program would run from the Zip disc. It turns out it would work without reinstallation. Yesterday I copied the program and all of the files to the desktop computer and created a shortcut icon on the screen so I can quickly start it. I located the two manuals on the bookcase in the room where I have the computer. Last night I read through the Getting Started manual and checked the chapter about Importing and Exporting in the other manual. I found a floppy disc with three DBF files of address information. For a "getting reacquainted test" I created an askSam file and loaded the three files into it. This worked without a hitch. It's my intention to resume using the program. I'll create a file that I can use like Post-It notes. The beauty of askSam is that it indexes every word.

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Mr. Dickie
13/Apr/2010 9:28

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