Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Played Hooky

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, most people still believe that money brings happiness. (The One Year Mini For Men, 10 April)


I didn't post to this blog or to Arrow Prayers yesterday. No inspiration.

I went for a short walk in the neighborhood. I stopped to talk with one person and another person introduced himself to me.

My LaserJet printer finally ran out of ink. I think I was still using the cartridge that came with the printer several years ago. Luckily I have a replace sitting in the closet.

I'm still gathering more books for donation. My goal is to fill four crates. All I need to select is another half-crate. Melva took twelve books to donate to the Senior Center Library yesterday. Their library operates on the honor system. I'm planning to give six of the nine "Little House on the Prairie" books to one of the neighbor children. Maybe someone will do some summer reading.

This morning MicroSoft did eight updates to Windows 2000. During the seventh update I thought the computer had locked up because the progress bar stopped moving. I had to force myself to leave the room while I waited. Eventually after about fifteen minutes the "Success" screen appeared.

Mr. Dickie
17/Apr/2010 8:54

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