Friday, April 9, 2010

Believe That Life Is Worth Living

Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact. (William James in 10 Secrets For Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer, p. 143)

The true measure of how your life is going is in how you function with other people. (Dr. Wayne Dyer, Real Magix, p. 133)


I got in a 45-minute walk in the neighborhood late yesterday afternoon. I listened to classical music on my headset radio while I walked. Today is trash pickup day. Along the way I stopped at one place to put three or four soaking wet freee "county" newspapers in the trash can at one of the places where we have many Latinos living. It seems to be that the anti-litter laws ought to apply to this newspaper which is just a blight on the environment.

I took a chance on a CD I noticed at the thrift store and spent eighty cents. The CD was recorded locally, in 2005, by local guitar player, Kevin Artz and is titled "One." He plays seventeen songs on his 1973 Martin D-28 guitar.

One of Melva's friends is in the flea market business. We are gathering items to give her next week. Yesterday I put some 3.5" floppies in Ziploc bags and I took books off the book shelves, all part of my clutter reduction project.

Last night Cyndi had trouble getting back to Washington from Oklahoma because of bad weather in Atlanta. For a while she thought she might have to spend the night in Atlanta. She was able to get a flight through Memphis. She arrived back at her apartment after midnight. She earned her money yesterday.

This is the 700th posting to this blog.

Mr. Dickie
9 Apr 2010

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