Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday in Maryland

Photo: (Corel)

  • Strange how much you've got to know before you know how little you know. (Anonymous, Meditations for Parents Who Do Too Much, Jonathon and Wendy Lazear, 18 Jun)
  • We went to the big flea market at St. Mary's Catholic Church this morning. There were lots of vendors and customers. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carter, who live in our development, set up a table. I bought two CDs for a dollar each. I got one my Miles Davis - Love Songs and another by The Marsalis Family - A Jazz Celebration.

    I've been thinking about the possibility that I'm going to offend someone with some of my genealogy postings. I have lots of material that others shared. Some of the material contains information about the living. Because I have easier ways of sharing information on the Internet there's always a temptation to quickly post something that someone else might want to remain private. Once something is posted to the Internet it probably is more complicated to "delete" than to just remove the posted item. I've said for years that it isn't possible to use the words "genealogy" and "privacy" in the same sentence.

    Mr. Dickie

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