Sunday, June 22, 2008

How Slow Can You Go?

  • ... I am suggesting that we be realistic enough to realize ahead of time that very few things in real life are ever perfect ... (Joyce Meyer in His Passion, Day 121)
My slow connection to the Internet is driving me nuts. Today I had trouble again when I tried to upload a photograph to this blog. I suppose I notice the uploading problems more now because I have been working with large digital photograph files.

Yesterday, shortly after I made a posting to my Arrow Prayers blog, I received an Email Alert notifying me that someone had posted a comment to the prayer I'd just posted. When you set up the blog there's a switch you turn on to cause this to happen. Most of the time visitors to my various blogs haven't been posting any messages. It's always nice when someone takes the time to let me know they visited and that they liked what they saw.

My daughter gave me a Compaq Presario desktop computer loaded with the Windows95 operating system. I've been uninstalling some of the programs I found on the hard drive. Many of them no longer worked on the computer because I don't have the CDs that go with the programs. Lots of the programs were tutorials for children. Today I decided to run the defragmentation program. I suppose that will take several hours. I'm getting ready to install some of the programs in the Lotus SmartSuite. If I get lucky and the programs load and work then I will be able to recover three databases that I have maintained for many years: my address file, my book catalog and my music catalog. I also have some genealogy text files in the AmiPro format that I want to recover. The CD drive on the computer works. I've been listening some of my music on CDs.

I'm certainly having lots of fun including photos in the various blogs I'm writing. I'm always trying to learn more about what we can do on the Internet.

Mr. Dickie

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