Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Corel Print House Photos

We live in a small house. There isn't enough storage space. When I try to clean up some of the clutter things often get worse. After the clean up something will be out of sight and out of mind.

This afternoon I was in the basement looking in a box where I stored about twenty CDs that pertain to computers. One of the CDs I found in the box was for the Corel program Print House. When I read the back of the CD I was surprised to see that the CD has at least 1,000 photos in the JPeg format. I brought the CD upstairs and spent about an hour looking at the photos with the HP PhotoSmart Essential program. I'm very impressed with the professional quality of the shots I found on the CD.

Now that I've located this set of photographs and the set of 200 I looked at the other day on the Corel WordPerfect Suite8 CD I'm wondering what projects I can do that would make use of some of these shots.
Here's one of the photographs from the Flowers folder.

Mr. Dickie

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