Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ruth Henthorn's BowTie Quilt

Whatever comes we must prepare to face it. There
are no guarantees.
(Jonathon and Wendy Lazear, Meditations for Parents
Who Do Too Much, 24 Apr)

This is a BowTie quilt made by my mother, Ruth Henthorn. We took the quilt outside to display on a quilt rack.

The photo was uploaded to Google Picasa and then I was able to figure out a way to cut the URL for the photo from one of the Picasa pages. I don't think the way I got the photo into this blog entry was the way to do it. It will have to do for the moment because I can't understand how to do it in an easier way.

There's something called, Blog This! which I think I should use. I don't understand how it works yet.

Mr. Dickie

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