Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Toys

Photo: Mr. Dickie (Mola bag made and modeled by Melva)

You have gained weight because you have been in positive energy balance - you got more energy in food you ate that you burned, and your body stored the excess energy, primarily as body fat. (James O. Hill, et al., The Step Diet, p. 19)


Yesterday I focused on one of my genealogy projects. I got so involved I wasn't inclined to do any blog posting. I enjoyed the comments folks made about the photos I posted on Facebook. We got lucky and the winter weather bypass our area yesterday. Melva's quilting class was canceled. It probably wasn't necessary to do that, but how can you know tweleve hours in advance.

Sometimes I wish I had two computer monitors. I think it would be nice to do input and editing on one screen while reading from another. This idea keeps coming to mind because I haven't had a printer connected to the computer for many months. Less machines running, less machines breaking down.

I'm using my EditPad Lite text editor to date and time stamp my blog postings. The F5 key does the trick.

Mr. Dickie
23/Jan/2010 9:45

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Susi's Quarter said...

Dick, Tell Melva that the quilts and purse are terrific. Now I am all eyes t o learn about her purse making.
I loved reading through the articles you comment on. I like many of the same author's you do. I agree with music and its healing properties and I am working to get the schools to use it for helping students to learn subjects. Did you know music ie math is the universal language?