Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up

When one ideal imposes on another, then use your judgment. Do the right thing by others. Do the right thing by yourself too. Then let the incident pass and move on. (Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go, 3 January)

Kind people help each other even without noticing that they are doing so, and evil people act against each other on purpose. (Chinese Proverb, in A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy, 4 January)


We began the process of putting away the Christmas decorations yesterday. Somehow it isn't as much fun putting things away as it was putting up the tree. Today, I'll bring in the ladder so I can go up in the attic to get the empty boxes.

I'm about ready to start keying information about recent acquisitions to my CD collection into a small database on my computer. I went to several stores before I found the labels I needed. I plan to keep track of: Artist; Title; Date Purchased; Price; Genre; and IdNo. Because of several computer issues it's been a long time since I made any attempt to maintain a music catalog.

Mr. Dickie

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