Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Balance of Power

Today, I will work at detaching in love from troublesome people in my life. I will strive to accept reality in my relationships, with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual freedom for both people as my goal. (Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go, 5 December)


The Democrats lost their edge in the Senate. Ted Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave. Will this mean the end of the possibility of health care reform? If so, I imagine Mrs. Clinton saying, "I told you, it wasn't going to be easy." It's an amazing, and sad thing, to see our nation so willing to expend vast sums of money and human life on war and so unwilling to take care of our own people. I predict that in the long run the cost of this choice will be profound.

My project to extract information from the Ancestor Charts book is almost done. There are three more charts of interest. Two are different views of the same family and one is for a line I remember vaguely. I know the researcher, but can't remember exactly how the people on the chart fit into my interests.

Mr. Dickie
20/Jan/2010 9:08

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