Monday, January 25, 2010

Computer Maintenance

(Our family at Franklin's on Melva's birthday.)

We should take responsibility for the well-being of every animal we bring into our lives. Before you adopt that puppy, cat, gerbil, bird or fish, be sure you are ready for up to a fifteen-year commitment. (Paraphrased from The Word on Life, Toni Sortor and Pamela McQuade, 22 January)


Cyndi came for a visit last night. She brought her broken computer and other pieces of computer equipment. Several times lately my computer monitor faded to black for a couple of seconds. We swapped her monitor with the one I'm using. That way I can test to see if I have a monitor issue or some problem with the video card in the computer. She hooked up my HP Laserjet 1020 to the USB port on the desktop computer. I'd forgotten that it worked with this computer at one time. She attached my little silver-box USB hub to the other USB port on the computer. That worked too. I suppose I could have done it myself if I didn't suffer from techno-phobia. She brought more photos taken at Melva's birthday lunch. She copied those to my hard drive and one of my thumb drives. This morning I am good to go.

I sent four snow photos I took of Jim's house across the street to his house via the Internet. He uploaded three of them to his Facebook page. I thought that was lots of fun.

Mr. Dickie
25/Jan/2010 10:47

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