Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get Off the Dime

Photo: Mr. Dickie (Portland, Oregon)

If you can't "get off the dime," how will any of your projects amount to anything? (Richard E. Henthorn, 26 Apr 2008)

Stuggling people have so much to do and say about the things they are struggling with that they hardly have time to get anything done. (Iyanla Vanzant, Acts of Faith, 27 April)
Today, I will try to remember that slowing down may help me find what I am seeking.
(Touchstones, 14 April)

I'm having trouble with the cheap Chinese shop lights I bought to put over the plants we grow under lights. They don't last more than six months. This morning I checked all of the available bulbs with a fixture that worked. I found only one bulb that needed to be replaced because it was dim. One fixture will be put in the trash. Another that I had in the shed might work. I'm going to see if I can find some place that sells a fixture made in this country. We really need to make every effort to avoid buying the junk that China is selling to this country.

For months I've put off replacing a rubber washer on the hot water side of the laundry room sink. After I finished the light project I stayed in the basement until I accomplished this project too. This will probably be the last time I can get by with just changing the washer. Both the handle screw and the washer screw need to be replaced. I had trouble turning the handle of the main shutoff value. It's inside of a basement wall and very awkward to turn because the opening is small.

Last night I read the FIOS user's manual. I skipped over the parts about the DVR because I didn't order one. There's lots to learn about how the TV system works. You can order programs "on demand." Some are free and some have a fee. Some of the free programs are repeats of series on both the off the air channels and off the cable. I noticed four episodes of "Mr. Monk." There's also "Pay For View" which seems to be more expensive, like concerts and sports events. You can program "Favorite" channels on two of our televisions. I think you can use Parental Controls on all four sets. In my opinion there are four good parental control candidates, the home shopping channels. It's offensive to think we pay to see these 24/7 advertising channels. They should pay us to watch their ads. Melva and I have visited the QVC store at one of the outlet malls. If you have a chance drop in to see for yourself the poor quality of the junk they are selling.

I'm behind in my daily reading. Once I fall behind it is difficult to get caught up. This morning I read for about an hour right after I woke up.

Thanks to everyone who called or wrote Email lately, especially those who answered my genealogy questions.

Mr. Dickie

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