Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Fun

Photo: (Mr. Dickie at Fort Benning, GA in 1962 - Airborne)

When "stinking thinking" takes hold of me, I must do more than just dismiss the negative thoughts. I must replace them with something positive or I'm likely to slide right back into my negative thinking. (Courage to Change, 14 April)
  • Yesterday I attended the PittState University of Pittsburg, KS alumni function in Springfield, VA. I'm sure it had been more than twenty-five years since I'd attended. About fifteen people attended. Dr. Hudson of the university was the guest speaker.
  • After the alumni meeting I stopped at Cyndi's apartment. She turned on her laptop computer to show me the photographs she took during her vacation in Panama.
  • I drove Melva's Camry. I enjoyed listening to the Spanish CDs that were loaded in the player.
Mr. Dickie

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