Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Will It Take?

Photo: Mr. Dickie with his computers. The painting in the upper left is by John Haines of Panama. The painting to the right of Dick's head is by his mother, Ruth. Tweety Bird on the t-shirt says, "Whatever!"

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can. (Sydney Smith in Touchstones, 9 April)

If the world and how it works is a reflection of the people who live in it, what will it take for us to realize we have a lot of work to do? (Iyanla Vanzant, Acts of Faith, 10 April)

Life's sorest tradegy is disappointed hopes, and life's greatest joy is hopes come true. (William Barclay, Letters to the Corinthians, p. 252)

  • Yesterday I contacted one of the friends I made through genealogy. I hadn't been in touch with her for a long time. I have an old phonebook for the the area south of Wheeling, WV. I found her number in that book. It was good to talk with her again. Afterwards I sent her an short Email with photos of myself and Melva to refresh her memory about who I am.

  • I had trouble getting the new Voice Mail set up. I don't think anyone gave me the number to call. I was able to get the number I needed after pressing many buttons on the phone to get to where they stated the number. Once I had the number I didn't have any trouble because the system works they same as the old one. This time I chose to use there default messages. I had to located the manual for the kitchen phone before I could re-program the Voice Mail phone number into the phone. Once the number is in the phone all we have to do is press one button to call our Voice Mail.

  • I discovered that that portable phone in the master bedroom has Caller ID and Call Waiting. Cyndi called in the evening. After the call I noticed there was a record of the call. I found the manual for this phone. We haven't stored any frequently called numbers on the phone.

  • At the end of the day I called Comcast and AT&T to cancel service. AT&T already knew we changed to Verizon for the long distance. We had been a Comcast custormer for twenty-six years, since 1983.
Mr. Dickie

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