Sunday, December 6, 2009

Year-End Inventory

If we do only what feels good and what is comfortable, we do not grow. If we do not stretch our minds, we vegetate intellectually. If we do not discipline our bodies, we become physically flabby and weak. If we do not exercise our good will, we stay emotionally immature. (Food For Thought, 6 December)


As part of my year-end inventory I'm compiling a list of the books I read. Because I no longer have a database program on my computer I couldn't keep track of the books in my book catalog. Instead I used a 3x5 card to take notes about each book I was reading and I recorded the books I read in the WeRead application on the Internet. I believe I forgot to remove the cards from some of the books I read. Since the list is only for my own enjoyment it really doesn't matter. I'm gathering the information in a comma delimited file that I'm building one line at a time. Maybe next year I'll use the CSVed program all year long to keep track of the books as I finish them. I noticed that there are quite a few cards for books I checked out of the library and never finished reading.

I watched parts of the football game between Nebraska and Texas last night. I wasn't impressed with either team. I suppose that's a tribute to their defensive units. I was watching at the end when Nebraska had the misfortune to lose the game when the other team kicked a field goal with one second left on the clock. Talk about "the agony of defeat."

Mr. Dickie

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