Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Life consists of numerous invisible, imperceptible changes, changes that began at birth and end with death. It is not possible for us humans to observe them all. (Anonymous in A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy, 7 December)


Yesterday we brought the Christmas decorations and tree down from the attic. This is always a lot of work because one bedroom closet must be emptied before I can put the ladder in there. This morning, before Melva got up, I put the artificial tree together and was lucky enough to get all of the lights working without too much ado. I can't put things back in the closet until the tree is decorated because we don't have anywhere to store the empty boxes except in the attic. The decorating process goes on for several days.

I've been reviewing how the WeRead application works. There are several things I noticed during the review. First, I would like to run the application by itself. When I registered, months ago, I linked to WeRead from Facebook. I can go to the application directly but I can't figure out how to sign on unless I am on Facebook. I thought there was a way to make WeRead post to my Facebook wall when I wanted to brag about reading a book. I couldn't find the button to click. And finally, I wish WeRead would track the "date read" for each book. I want that information because I like to compile an inventory of books read at the end of each year.

Mr. Dickie

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