Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Two things happen to the man who forgets God and leaves him out of the situation. He becomes utterly and completely disorganized. He loses the power to face life and to cope with it. In the time of trial, life is unlivable without God. (William Barclay, The Gospel of Luke (DSB), p. 274)


I maintained my daily reading schedule throughout the month of December. This morning I read the last page in twenty books I was reading at the end of the year. In all I read, at least, forty-one books. There were others that I checked out of the library and just scanned. I created a list of the books I read using the CSVed program I downloaded. This morning I signed on to WeRead and changed the status to "Read It" on all of the books I had marked before as "Reading." Later today or tomorrow I plan to return to WeRead to post the books I plan to read in 2010.

Nebraska University dominated and won the Holiday Bowl against Arizona in San Diego last night. I didn't watch until the end because the score was so lopsided.

This year I have enjoyed:
  • helping with the Bowie Seniors Computer Club website
  • making lots of Facebook friends
  • blogging and reading the blogs of others
  • learning how to use the Ancestral Author program
  • posting my personal bookmarks to Delicious
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fun!

Mr. Dickie

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