Sunday, April 10, 2011


It is nonsense to say there is not enough time to be fully informed... Time given to thought is the greatest timesaver of all. (Norman Cousins in The Book Of Choices by Mike Magee, M.D., p. 195)

It takes twenty years to become an overnight success. (Eddie Cantor in Believing In Myself, Larsen & Hegarty, 19 March)

But success stories are full of tales of rejection slips and bankruptcies and years of unrecognized work and thwarted ambition. (Eric V. Cogape, Black Pearls, 19 March)


Yesterday I went for a nice five-lap walk at Schrom Park. I usually walk four laps.

I received additional photos of the computer classroom ribbon cutting from Vic. I added them to my Picasa photo album. which instantly made them available on the club's website. Vic also shared photos he took during Eric's recent talk on file shredders. I created another album for this photos. Then I installed a running slideshow of the photos on the club's Meetings webpage. Thanks Vic, for sharing.

During the evening I watched two very nice music shows. There was a tribute to George Strait on GAC channel. He was named Country Entertainer of the Decade by some group. The guest performers sang many of his songs. Later, on MPT our Maryland PBS station, I watched a show about the Troubador nightclub. There were many interview clips and lots of music clips. In particular they focused on James Taylor and Carole King.

This morning I'm listening to the PBS radio classical station. I have one of those radios that straps to the upper arm. This is cool because it allows freedom of movement. I often listen to music and television while wearing headphones. That way I don't disturb anyone else with what I'm listening to or with the volume I need.

I used to spend quite a bit of money purchasing plastic floor mats to use under the chair I sit in while at the computer. It wasn't take long before the material would become brittle and break. I finally solved the problem at the thrift store. I bought a piece of floor paneling that looks like wood on one side. It was just the right side for placing in front of the table where I have the computer. Now I can move the chair in any direction without resistance. I'm still asking myself, "Why didn't you think of this years ago?"

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10/Apr/2011 9:18

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