Friday, April 8, 2011

Living On Purpose

Knowing and living out our purposes has a powerful, transforming effect upon our lives. (Larry Ousely in The Upper Room Disciplines - 2003, 12 February)

People in pain think that their suffering is worse than anybody else's, so do not argue with them. (Warren W. Wiersbe, Chapter-By-Chapter Bible Commentary, p. 287)

When a man takes the wrong way, his first instinct is to find justifications and excuses for himself. (William Barclay, The Letters to Timothy, Titus and Philemon, p. 61)

Opinions are worth fighting for, but not at the cost of another's right to state an opposing point of view. (Mike Magee, M.D., The Book of Choices, p. 107)


I am still trying to understand how MS Word creates webpages. This morning I realized that all of the graphics in a particular webpage are saved in a folder that MS Word creates. This accounts for all of the folders on the MCC of OGS website that contain duplicate copies of the graphics used on the website. The graphics are given meaningless names such as, image001.gif. This works but I don't think it is a good idea. When it comes to website maintenance it's confusing to deal with so many folders containing the same file names. I still don't understand how the extra folder gets created on the website. I suppose the webmaster needs to create it and upload the graphics there. To me this is one more reason to avoid using MS Word to create a webpage. You lose too much control.

Today, I'm planning to upload the modified Publications page to the MCC of OGS website. I made many minor format edits and installed Home buttons at the top and bottom of the page and created a Table of Contents linked to the various sections and buttons to return to the Table of Contents

This morning I'm listening to Kenny G - I'm In The Mood For Love.

Mr. Dickie
8/Apr/2011 8:28

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