Sunday, April 17, 2011

DC Bluegrass Union Show

There is always room for knowledge, for each of us harbors ignorance of some sort which knowledge could displace. Always be at peace with the words, "I do not know." Holding fast to ignorance is proof of stupidity... (Mike Magee, The Book Of Choices, p. 228)

The best learners want the knowledge badly, need it, and pursue it with deliberate yearning. (Mike Magee, The Book Of Choices, p. 193)


The DC Bluegrass Union show yesterday left something to be desired. The tickets I printed out stated that cameras and recording devices weren't allowed. They didn't enforce this rule. The day was quite rainy with cool temperatures. When the show started the air conditioning vents in the ceiling of the auditorium were blowing cold air down on everyone's head. I enjoyed listening to the two sets performed by Wayne Taylor. I was somewhat disappointed that he sang several songs from the latest CD in both sets. The sound crew wasn't very good. Apparently they didn't have communication between the stage crew and the folks manning the sound board. This resulted in lots of problems which culminated in a very long set-up time for the next-to-last band. This was followed by more attempts by the band members to get the monitors adjusted after the first or second song. At that point I bailed. Cyndi called me right after I went out to the hallway. She came to pick me up about twenty minutes later and we started for home early. I'd think twice before attending this event again if they are able to pull it off for a third time.

Mr. Dickie
17/Apr/2011 9:00

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