Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Enough is Enough

You're worried and troubled about everything,
Wondering and fearing what tomorrow will bring.
You long to tell someone, for you feel so alone,
But your friends are all burdened with cares of their own.
(Helen Steiner Rice, A Collection of Blessings, p. 125)


Last night I had the air conditioner set to operate. This morning it was so cold there was ice on the top of the minivan. I had to turn the furnace back on.

I'm ready to start a project to install a Table to Contents on the genealogy society "Publications" page. There are ten sections on the page. There's no Home button at the top of the page. I found a nice TOC button to use at the end of each section. There are many minor typesetting issues. I printed out and highlighted the problems on the page. I expect to spend several hours working on the project. I can use my "genmenu" page from my old website to guide me.

As of this morning there is still no budget agreement even though the Democrats have met or exceeded most of the budget cut demands of the Republicans. This work should have been accomplished more than 180 days ago. There is a very real possibility that the GOP will achieve what they seek, a shutdown of the government at the end of the week. They ought to be working on the budget for next year now. I'm advocating for a nation wide recall effort to remove all members of the House of Representatives. Enough is Enough!

Mr. Dickie
6/Apr/2011 8:01

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