Saturday, May 29, 2010

Business of Living

"Do you want to become well?" are words of compassion to anyone who is trapped in an emotional prison and who has learned to function with their problem. They are words directed to the heart. (Joyce Meyer in His Miracles, Day 115)


I discovered an online program that can be used to generate personal business cards. ( The program creates a PDF file of ten cards that you can print on Avery 8371 card stock. I misplaced my Avery program that I used in the past for this project. I wanted to make some new cards with my Gmail address.

Cyndi spent the night at our house after she returned from a tiring business trip to Iowa this week. That as a nice surprise.

I found a copy of an old program I like called, MindReader. It's on a large floppy. I wonder if I can get someone in the computer club to copy the disk to a floppy.

Mr. Dickie
29/May/2010 9:47

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