Monday, May 10, 2010

Beautiful Spring

... when ... clear moments come, I am always left with a feeling that the truth which has been revealed to me is so obvious that I wonder how I could have missed it for so long. (As We Understood, p. 132)


This morning we are enjoying our flower garden. We installed the new plastic birdbath that Melva received from me as a Mother's Day gift. We got lucky and found one on Friday, while in Annapolis, when Cyndi stopped at a place selling lawn furniture and jacuzzis. We needed to replace a birdbath with a cast concrete top. Those break too often. Now we are watching to see which bird will come to the new birdbath first. Because it's shallow it's going to be interesting to see whether they like it for getting a drink or taking a bath.

We observed four baby mockingbirds at the top of our next door neighbor's tree. Both parents were busy feeding the babies the whole time we were outside.

Melva transplanted the red White House tulip bulbs from her circular garden in the front yard to a better spot in the backyard. She also transplanted a volunteer Rose of Sharon to near the backyard fence. We are trying to fill in a spot where we recently lost a Rose of Sharon that had been there for many years.

We have two cages where we share blocks of suet with the birds. One is in the backyard hanging on the clothesline pole. The newest is just outside the kitchen window, under the carport awning. It spun around because it wasn't installed properly. This morning I cut two pieces of wire and hooked the basket to them. That stopped the rotation and immediately two or three birds were able to hang on the cage at the same time. Even the male and female cardinals were able to get something to eat. The two mockingbirds came, one right after the other, once they noticed that I'd corrected the spinning problem.

We both enjoy watching the shrubs and flowers blooming and the birds as they come to feed. On the other clothesline pole we hang a bird feeder given to us my our neighbor, Jim. Right now the iris and the columbine are in bloom. Some of the azaleas still have fading blossoms. It's a wonderful time of the year.

Mr. Dickie
10/May/2010 11:50

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Bobbie said...

We are enjoyng the birds in our area too. We see birds flying with long strands of grass to build a nest somewhere.
The Mockingbird is the state bird of Tex and we love them Did you know that it is only the unmated male that sings at night? It is so delighful to here the beautiful Mockingbird singing in the middle of the night. But, poor soul, he has no mate.