Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spread It Around

It seems to me that in the long run it is impossible to maintain a democractic society unless you can spread the benefits and burdens of being an American citizen reasonably evenly. -Felix Rohatyn

In our relationships, in our work and play, do we assume an equal share of the burdens, and do we get a reasonable amount of benefits in exchange?

There's no way to calculate the burdens and benefits of living. But our own inner awareness is a pretty accurate measure: if you feel ripped off and resentful, then something's wrong; if you feel guilty, as though you were getting away with murder, something's wrong.

Often we are reluctant to track down the source of our guilt or our resentment; we're afraid that what we find may force us to change the way we live and work, and change is painful.

Letting go of a source of pain can be as difficult as losing a source of pleasure.

Affirmation: I am the only one who knows just what is going on in my life, and all such choices are mine.
(The Promise of a New Day, 31 January)

Mr. Dickie's Banking Report

There are three banks within walking distance of our house. Much to our dismay we have relationships with all of them.

Bank of America used bailout money to buy Merrill Lynch where we have a stock market account. So without even thinking about doing business with Bank of America we are.

Chevy Chase Bank, a local bank, was purchased by the rather shaky credit card company, Capitol One, again using bailout money.

This morning The Washington Post business section published an article announcing that yesterday the federal government seized our local Suburban Federal Savings Bank and then promptly sold it to another bank in Virginia. As luck would have it Melva has a CD in this bank which matures today, January 31, 2009.

It's hard to get your mind around what is happening.

Mr. Dickie

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