Sunday, January 25, 2009


Keep alive in yourself the faculty of making efforts by means of little useless exercises every day; that is to say, be systematically heroic every day in little unnecessary things; do something every other day for the sole and simple reason that it is difficult and you would prefer not to do it, so that when the cruel hour of danger strikes, you will not be unnerved or unprepared. A self-discipline of this kind is similar to the insurance that one pays on one's house and on one's possessions. To pay the premium is not pleasant and possibly may never serve us, but should it happen that our house were burnt, the payment will save us from ruin.

(William James in Doing It Now by Edwin C. Bliss, p. 96)

  • Yesterday I created another photo album on Facebook. This one contains pictures I took at the Durham Museum in Omaha, NE.
  • Last night Melva and Cyndi attended the NRECA party in Arlington, VA. They had a great time. They brought home a nice photograph of the two of them taken by a professional photographer.
  • I stayed at Cyndi's apartment waiting for Melva's return. I made free long distance phone calls to: Fran, Dave, Thad, and Tom. I was still talking to Tom when Melva and Cyndi came in the door. This was the first time I used Cyndi's phone since she bundled her cable, Internet and phone. We got home about midnight.
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