Monday, March 21, 2011

Deadly Toys

If we eradicated ourselves with the lethal means at our disposal, we wouldn't be the first species to disappear. But wouldn't it be a shame? ... Surely we're adaptable enough to guide our own development away from our current preoccupation with deadly toys. (The Promise of a New Day, Karen Casey and Martha Vanceburg, 21 March)


Yesterday I created a PDF with photos taken by Vic at the March 17th meeting of the computer club. I used Google Docs and added captions for the photos. This was the first time I'd tried this. I created a Photos folder on the club website and uploaded the PDF there. Then I added a "Photos" link on the "Meetings" page that will download the PDF to the visitor's computer. There's still more to learn about how to size and locate the photos on the page. I was pleased that I was able to come up with a relatively easy way to share the photos.

Cyndi and I went to Schrom Park for a late afternoon walk. We completed four laps. Then we went to College Park to find something to eat. We tried a sandwich shop called Jimmy John's. We also tried a frozen yogurt place called Yogi Berry. We brought food home from both places for Melva.

Our evening attempt to call Melva's nephew in Puerto Rico wasn't successful.

This morning, just before it was time to take Cyndi to the subway a thunderstorm with heavy rain passed through the area. We used Melva's car because it was under the carport.

Mr. Dickie
21/Mar/2011 7:56

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