Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wanting Things

Are you still wanting things that will be forgotten when they go out of style?  (Steve Case, Everything Counts, 12 November) 17 November 2011

Yesterday Cyndi and I went to Bethesda to visit her storage bin.  We dropped off her bike and a box of items and picked up some winter shoes and clothing.

As part of my project to remove clutter from the house we stopped at the thrift store to make a donation. We dropped off twelve cartons of VCR and cassette tapes I'd recorded over time.  I considered about putting the boxes in Cyndi's storage.  When I came to grips with the fact that this would just put those boxes "out of sight and out of mind" I realized it was time to eliminate those boxes from our lives.

Cyndi and I ate lunch at La Madeleline on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda.  This was the first time I'd been to this place.  The Washington, DC restaurant used to supply food for WAMU-FM during the fund raising campaigns.  Two of Cyndi's girl friends arrived after we finished eating.  I moved next door to the Caribou coffee shop where I ate a couple of chocolate cookies while I read a book about Google Chrome in have checked out of the library.

In the evening I watched the two and a half hour Wednesday night, streaming video show from the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN on Music City Roots.  The show was a tribute to Tom T. Hall.  His wife, Dixie, was also there.  The hosts were Eric Brace and Peter Cooper.  There were many other performers on the stage.  I didn't catch the names of all of them.  The ones I wrote down were: Buddy Miller, Gary Bennett, Lloyd Green, Matraca Berg, Duane Eddy, Tommy Womack, Fayssoux Starling McLean (married at one time to John Starling of the Bluegrass band, Seldom Scene).  One song that made me laugh was, "Ain't He A Big Pig?"  Tom T. sang several songs at the end of the program.  He did a great job on "Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine."  This time I was able to post a clickable link to the performance on my Facebook wall.  I wonder if any of my Facebook friends took advantage of it.  During the show I kept thinking about how much more interesting this program is than the Grand Ole Opry shows.

Mr. Dickie
17 November 2011

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