Sunday, November 27, 2011


Remove from your vocabulary statements about anything that you do not want to manifest into your life.  Catch yourself when announcing your ailments, fatigues, or fears, and stay silent rather than radiating a self-fulfilling prophecy.  (Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Wisdom Of The Ages, p. 221-22)

We accomplished a major Fall yard project yesterday.  I trimmed the edges of the yard and then set the mower one notch lower before mowing to remove as much grass and leaves as possible.  Rick offered us some of the mulch he had delivered to his house.  I brought many loads across the street and Melva and I spread the mulch in the front yard.  We worked until both of us were ready to drop.  Maybe we will try to mulch the backyard another day.

While I was out in front of the house, Paul C., the real estate agent, stopped to tell me he sold the house on Hendricks where there have been issues since 1978 when we bought our house.  If the deal goes through this house that's been vacant for a couple of years will have someone else looking after it by sometime in December.  I wonder if someone bought it on speculation.  That wouldn't surprise me.

I'm listening to Los Indios Tabajaras this morning.  Thanks Bob R. for the speakers. This is music I downloaded from the Freegal application at the county library.  Very cool!

Mr. Dickie
27 November 2011

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