Thursday, August 19, 2010

War in Iraq Over?

Oh God, let this horrible war quickly come to an end that we may all return home and engage in the only work that is worthwhile -- and that is the salvation of men. (Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson in A Rainbow of Hope by Billy Janice Hughey, p. 257)


Last night, quietly and with little fanfare, the war in Iraq supposedly came to an end when the last of the combat units drove into Kuwait. Over four thousand of our citizens died in this fiasco. Around fifty thousand support troops remain which means our leaders declared the war over before it is over, just like the previous president did so many months ago. That said, I congratulate our current president and his administration on the progress that's been made. If the soldiers remaining in Iraq are lucky the people of Iraq will have the strength and determination to assume responsibility for their own destiny.

Mr. Dickie
19/Aug/2010 10:55

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