Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stopped by Technology

Be expectant. Constantly expect better things. (Twenty Four Hours A Day, 13 July) 7/Aug/2010 8:57


The county community college changed the enrollment procedure. They no longer enroll at the Senior Center and they took down the phone system. This leaves: 1) mail--in, 2) trip to the campus, 3) the Online OWL system. I can't even get signed on to the OWL system because I can't make the registration process work. At this point I've given up. I'm resigned to going to the campus on Monday. This time I am going to try to find someone who can help me make the OWL system work. It drives me nuts when the "new" way doesn't seem to be the "better" way.

Mr. Dickie
7/Aug/2010 9:32

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