Friday, August 27, 2010

Dumbfound and Dismayed

...try to stop making unreasonable demands upon those you love. (As Bill Sees It, p. 230)


Yesterday I was working on my Box.Net account. I made notes about how I structured the folders in my file space and about what files I posted. I also double checked to see if I had recorded the number of the pages in the comment I wrote for each file. The "Baker" folder had three files in it and one of them didn't have the number of pages listed. I fixed the problem and saved the comment. Then, much to my dismay, I noticed that the entire folder, with all three files, had disappeared. I didn't see what happened. I didn't have any idea what went wrong. Whatever happened it was too easy. The Box application didn't ask me to confirmed that I wanted to delete a file or folder. Now I'm not certain I can trust the application. I'm dumbfounded and dismayed.

I borrowed Melva's little blue radio with the cassette tape player. I want an easy way to listen to the music on some of my cassette tapes. Today I'm listening to a tape I made of Tom Rush - New Year and David Mallett - David Mallett.

I checked last night to see if the county bulk trash pick-up came to get all of the mattresses and other furniture sitting at the curb in front of one of the problem houses in the development. No luck. To make matters worse there is a smaller pile of bulk trash in front of a vacant house in the neighborhood. As soon as one load is removed another shows up in front of another house. I suppose the county is overwhelmed trying to stay on top of the situation.

Mr. Dickie
27/Aug/2010 7:48

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Mary said...

I enjoy your postings! Those 'trash piles' in front of vacant houses are major fire hazards...why can't the city/county respond quicker? Maybe you should start phoning them daily? Do you have a TV station that helps solve problems like this? Maybe a call to them would get the county moving! OR MAYBE you should light a match to one of them? :)