Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Special Books

Special books have a place of honor on my library table. (Fay Angus, Daily Guideposts - 2008, 23 January)


Yesterday I made a trip to the library to return two books that I couldn't renew on the phone. I was surprised to discover that the curb lanes on Riverdale Road, one of the main roads in our area, still were blocked with snow. I don't see how they can expect to bus the children to school when even the main roads still aren't clear.

I went to the hardware store to return the light fixture I need to replace in the basement. This hardware store is small, one where you can usually get some good free advice. The clerk who helped me knew less about the fixture than I did. I asked him if I could punch out the two holes that were 2 3/4 inches apart. He didn't know. I didn't want to drive around shopping because of the poor driving conditions. The clerk offered to punch out the holes and I agreed. It worked. About ten minutes after I got home I had the fixture installed. Then I worked on the next problem, fixing the cable TV display. It broke when I turned off the power to install the fixture. You have to unplug the cable set-top box for about ten minutes to get the display working.

Mr. Dickie
17/Feb/2010 9:00

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