Saturday, February 20, 2010

Power Point Viewer

Don't listen to the whines of those who have settled for a second-rate life and want you to do the same so they won't feel guilty. (Max Lucado, Grace For The Moment, 13 February)


There's damage to the gutter on the back of the house behind us. The snow and ice from the roof curled over the edge of the roof and gutter like a window valance. For several days the curtain of ice and snow has remained on the house without falling.

Did you know that Microsoft makes a free PowerPoint Viewer available for download? This might come in handy if friends and relatives often send you PowerPoint files and you don't have a way to view them.

For a couple of days I have been busy working on posting updates to the computer club website. Registration for the next series of computer club classes is set start on Tuesday the 23rd. I also uploaded a set of slides from a member's Video Capture presentation given on the 18th.

Mr. Dickie
20/Feb/2010 10:48

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