Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do The Right Thing

The most important question to keep before ourselves at all times is this: Do we do the right thing? During this short period of time which we call our life, do our acts conform to the will of the force that sent us into the world? Do we do the right thing? (Anonymous in A Calendar of Wisdom by Leo Tolstoy, 3 January)


The snowfall we've experienced so far broke several records. Today, Thursday, will be the fourth day the federal government has been shutdown. That's never happened before. Our county schools already announced that they will remain closed for the entire week. There's really nothing else they can do. In our neighborhood it would be impossible to turn the buses around without getting into difficulties. Also everyone would have to walk in the one lane that is more or less open on the streets.

Yesterday during part of the day there were blizzard conditions with lots of blowing snow and some drifting. Both cars are once again covered with snow, even the one under the carport. Once people start to move around we will try to hire someone to dig us out again.

During one of my infrequent attempts to clean up the mounds of paper around the computer I put the 1870 census of Monroe county, Ohio in a box. I'm working on some projects where I'd like to have that reference available. Yesterday I spent a few minutes looking in the boxes in the basement. I didn't find it. I wonder if the box is in the shed or in the attic. It isn't going to be be easy finding that book.

Mr. Dickie
11/Feb/2010 6:29

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