Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bluegrass Music

How sad that, right before our eyes, we see history repeating itself... (Selwyn Hughes, Every Day Light, Day 105)


I'm pleased that I was able to share photos I put in albums on Picasa with friends on Facebook. This allowed me to include links to the photo albums in both my Google blog and in Facebook postings. I received some nice feedback, so I know it worked.

I continue to enjoy reading the Facebook postings of many old and new friends on Facebook. It's great fun to be in touch with classmates from Bellevue, Nebraska and Wichita, Kansas days. I'm a member of the Facebook LOC Group created by my former boss, Jim Stevens. We have twenty-one members now.

Years ago one of my neighbors told me about Milorganite fertilizer. It's relatively cheap and it works well on our yard. One bag which costs less than $13.00 is enough to cover our entire yard if I remember to use the right setting on the spreader.

I'm planning to attend the Bluegrass Festival at Granite Hill Campground near Gettysburg, PA on Saturday. I'll meet the Naylors at the campground. I've been there many times. The trip takes about ninety minutes.

Mr. Dickie
11/May/2011 8:02

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