Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep Still

To say the right thing at the right time, keep still most of the time.  (John W. Roper in Believing In Myself by Larsen and Hegarty, 29 November)

I'm still on schedule to finish all of my 2011 reading on the last day of the month.  I've been reading twice a day rather than once a day.

Melva started baking Christmas cookies last night.  The house certainly does smell good during these projects.

As mentioned on Facebook I'm taking a look at whether we can cut back on our cable service.  The issue is whether we will have to give up a few of our favorite channels.  For example, I enjoy watching the Keith Olbermann show, Countdown, on the Currrent TV channel.  On the other hand, since a person can only watch one movie at a time, why is it necessary to have twenty movie channels?

Mr. Dickie
13 December 2011

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